Continuing education has always been a hallmark of dedicated clinicians.

But in today’s hectic hospital environments, traditional classroom training has serious drawbacks.

  • Time and classroom space is limited
  • Coordinating busy clinician schedules is impractical…if not impossible
  • Nurses and doctors must be pulled away from patients
  • Developing internal training guides is costly and cumbersome

MedPower is Your Solution

MedPower brings EHR training and continuing education into the digital age with mobile apps that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Clinicians can learn vital training information WHEN they actually need it—instead of months before when it might be quickly forgotten.

From concept to completion, MedPower becomes a key extension of your internal communications team by…

  • Creating training modules specific to your hospital workflow
  • Distributing them to clinicians through secure custom mobile applications
  • Tracking trainee results and performance with advanced analytic programs

3 Big Stats that Make the Case for eLearning

MedPower eLearning services are practical, simple and convenient for your entire staff. And they leverage three critical data points common to nearly every hospital setting.

  1. Only one-third of medical professionals are utilizing EHR technology effectively
  2. 50% of all U.S. clinicians use mobile devices to support daily business activities
  3. 49% percent of clinicians use mobile technology for education and training


Sources: EHR Intelligence: Do EHR Technology Challenges Outweigh the Benefits?; Epocrates 2013 Mobile Trends Report; HIMSS Analytics Mobile Survey 2014.

eLearning is How We Learn Everything Today

Software, phones, exercise equipment—everything we buy
comes with access to online training tools.
It’s how people learn today.

We expect fingertip access to important information
when it’s convenient for us.

So does your staff.

How do YOU meet this demand
in your hectic hospital environment?


“Our CMIO was very pleased with the final product. It is very convenient for users to view the table of contents and select the specific module for which they need help. The analytics make it easy for us to track usage and trainee progress. The staff is friendly, great to work with and they followed up on any requests or questions. I would recommend this service to anyone wishing to create superior online training courses.”

Kathy St. Amour, Anthelio Health

Learn more about MedPower, our services and how they work
to make anywhere, anytime continuing education more efficient than ever!