Anywhere, Anytime Custom eLearning Content on Any Device

MedPower’s mobile eLearning applications increase clinician adoption, satisfaction and productivity by putting crucial training information at their fingertips when they need it.

They also increase your IT team’s bandwidth by eliminating the need to implement internal training programs—which frees them up to focus on other priorities.

On-the-go eLearning Made Simple

MedPower training modules are presented as hospital-branded micro-learning units that include short video clips with screen-capture visuals. They’re accessible through any PC or mobile device.

Cloud-based Learning Environment

Clinicians and physicians learn in MedPower’s cloud-based environment while your IT team retains management access. Your mobile training platform also allows you to…

  • Develop custom learning plans for specific clinician groups
  • Issue certificates of compliance as trainees complete modules
  • Automate compliance training plans to meet deadlines and regulatory mandates
  • View real-time reports that track performance and completion status
  • Gain course feedback from participants through online surveys
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