Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary hospital environment challenge that MedPower overcomes?

The use of EHR solutions in hospitals is steadily on the rise. However, clinician adoption continues to be a challenging point of concern for most healthcare organizations. In fact, recent studies show that only one-third of medical professionals use EHR technology effectively1.

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environments, traditional onsite education simply isn’t enough to meet the needs of time-strapped and continually on-the-go clinicians.

MedPower effectively meets this challenge by providing busy clinicians with e-learning mobile app solutions they can access anywhere, anytime. This enables them to learn vital training information when they need to, wherever they are.

1Gruessner, Vera, “Do HER Technology Challenges Outweigh the Benefits?” EHR Intelligence, March 27, 2015,

What does MedPower eLearning services do primarily?

MedPower provides busy healthcare organizations with affordable, hospital-specific workflow education in micro-learning modules. These modules are delivered through an innovative learning management portal.

Our unique, self-paced learning solutions are intended to meet the needs of on-the-go clinicians by giving them anytime, anywhere access to vital education materials.

By delivering important content through mobile applications, training modules can be accessed and consumed in quick intervals between patient visits, during breaks, or whenever it is convenient for clinicians.

With the ability for clinicians to review education material where and when they want to, hospitals can increase clinical satisfaction and improve productivity. This also alleviates the challenge to your IT staff of having to provide roaming workflow support.

What does a MedPower eLearning services package include?

MedPower eLearning services include:

  • On-the-go access to education materials
  • Online learning environment branded to your hospital
  • Annual content updates that keep you current with application workflow
  • Custom applications in IOS and Android App store
  • Integrated mobile apps with single sign on that gives trainees access to education materials at rapid speeds

The graphic below provides you with detailed overview of our program.


How will end users benefit from MedPower’s eLearning services?

By having immediate access to vital education training material anytime, anywhere—from any device—MedPower eLearning services…

  • Complement onsite training sessions
  • Free up time for clinicians to focus more fully on patient care

MedPower micro-learning modules also enable clinicians to study and review education materials in short intervals and timeframes. This convenient method of learning fits ideally into their on-the-go, roaming schedule, which helps them maintain and even enhance response times.

The convenience of eLearning services can help improve clinician adoption, which increases the combined productivity of your entire staff.

Lastly, eLearning services promote continuous learning by providing access to education materials at the exact time they are needed. This means content is always fresh on the mind of clinicians when they need it to execute tasks. This is essential to supporting the long-term success of your EHR programs.

How will MedPower benefit our organization’s IT team?

MedPower’s custom eLearning services can play a big role in eliminating the intensive demands of creating and implementing internal training programs. This can free your IT team of a time-consuming burden, and allow them to focus on other essential priorities.

Plus, through our eLearning services, you gain custom coursework that is specifically tailored to your unique workflows. All the work is developed by our team of specialists. This enables your team to focus on their primary strengths.

Your MedPower solution also includes annual content updates that help assure end users are always trained on current application workflows.

Again, eLearning services enable you to reduce IT support needed for workflow issues, which greatly opens up and extends the bandwidth of your onsite IT staff.

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