#MeToo, the movement that has shined a spotlight on the dark side of the entertainment and media industries, is proving to also leave a black mark on the healthcare industry.

In 2017 Time Magazine named the women and men of the #MeToo movement as the Person of the Year, naming them the “Silence Breakers”. The cover included five women, several famous, whose voices launched the movement. Along with these five women was another woman’s arm, cropped at the shoulder, her identity hidden. We have since discovered this anonymous “Silence Breaker” is a young hospital worker from Texas. A sexual harassment victim who feared that disclosing her identity would negatively impact her family.

As many states are now encouraging businesses to conduct sexual harassment training, several states have begun passing laws requiring this training. MedPower understands the imminent need for this training across all states and has since, along with industry experts, created anti-harassment training modules that focus solely on the healthcare industry. While liability for organizations will always be a serious concern, MedPower’s training, in addition to covering all areas of compliance, also focuses on creating a positive workplace culture in all healthcare environments.


View sample lesson: Recognizing Sexual Harassment