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You are only as good as your content.

At MedPower, our content is really, really good.

At MedPower, we partner with industry experts to ensure your organization gets the best training available. We continuously update our content to bring your employees the most current training information. Whether it’s on your EHR platform or the latest security threats to your healthcare organization, MedPower will quickly become an extension of your business.


Electronic Health

MedPower brings EHR training and continuing education into the digital age with mobile apps that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Clinicians and physicians learn in MedPower’s cloud-based environment while your IT team retains management access. In a recent survey, physicians responded with a 96% satisfaction rate using MedPower’s mobile learning app.

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Anti-Harassment & Positive Workplace Culture

Many sexual harassment training programs available today are not meeting the criteria. MedPower’s Anti-Harassment and Positive Workplace Culture Training meets all state and federal requirements, is regularly updated to ensure future compliance, and incorporates Civility Training and Bystander Training in accordance with the latest research. 

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Cyber Security and Privacy

MedPower’s cyber security and privacy training course is designed to help protect an organization’s critical systems and defend against cyber threats. Learn how your organization can benefit from MedPower's high level training.

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Create Your Own Training

MedPower’s custom eLearning courses will put your organization on the right track to training your employees quickly and effectively. Our team will work with you to create a robust library of content that will increase your company’s productivity and ROI.


eLearning Gamification

MedPower’s ability to integrate gamification into your EHR Training, Cyber Training or Custom Content Training is a key to your organization keeping up with its competition. We take the data-driven techniques that game designers use to engage players and apply them to your training content.