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MedPower’s mobile eLearning applications increase clinician adoption, satisfaction and productivity by putting crucial training information at their fingertips when they need it.

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Cloud based learning environment

Clinicians and physicians learn in MedPower’s cloud-based environment while your IT team retains management access


From concept to completion, MedPower® becomes a key extension of your internal communication team by...

  • Creating training modules specific to your hospital workflow

  • Distributing them to clinicians through secure custom mobile applications

  • Microlearning - 30 to 90 second modules to maximize retention

  • Tracking trainee results and performace with advanced analytic programs


MedPower’s mobile messaging tools make it easy to notify physicians of changes, upgrades, new workflow and much more. Our messaging system includes bidirectional email integration so you can receive messages via email and respond via email as well, text messaging via sms integration and push notifications.


We provide graphical dashboards that display the most important data on a single page for administrators, instructors and learners. For example, the learner dashboard includes tiles for each course which show the course picture, progress chart and overall grade.

Assessments and Competencies

Assess learners effortlessly by choosing from 12 types of assessments. Use tools such as quizzes and question banks to assess learners quickly. Choose from seven different types of questions and create personalized quizzes by picking random questions from a question bank. We offer support for timed quizzes and instant feedback during a quiz, so learners can see their results immediately.


Stay informed by creating charts and reports of important data such as module progress, missing work, course status, course completion, and more. You can save your favorite reports and schedule them to be delivered at a certain time and date.

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