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MedPower makes mobile training versatile, easy and efficient. We allow your staff to learn critical training from anywhere, anytime...on any device. 

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Continuing education has always been a hallmark of dedicated clinicians. Make Electronic Health Record (EHR) Training and Continuing Education easier than ever while increasing clinician adoption, satisfaction and productivity.

Practical, simple and convenient.

80% of what we learn in a traditional form of education is forgotten in 30 days, eLearning increases retention rates up to 60%. Every $1 spent in eLearning results in $30 of productivity (IBM). 

Training modules specific to your organizations workflow will speed up onboarding and decrease employee turnover, 25% of employees leave their job because there aren’t enough training or development opportunities. 

“I was very impressed with the mobile app from the beginning. Not only were we able to train physicians for “go-live”, but it became and continues to be our primary help desk and on-boarding tool. Once the mobile learning was implemented, our help desk went from 20-25 call per hour to 1-2 per hour.”
— Dr. Jed Rosen, Chief of Surgery & CMIO, Carroll Hospital

With MedPower’s cyber security and privacy training, your staff will have access to a complete training program designed by industry experts. A training program you can trust to help keep your organization’s most confidential records and files safe. 

Hackers gain access to healthcare systems with the intentions of selling patient information on the dark web. They will attack any part of a healthcare’s infrastructure in order to reach the information that will make the most money.


View sample lesson: Phishing

Cyber security is being taken much more seriously now and healthcare organizations are making it a priority. It is a necessity.

It’s time to reevaluate how your organization defends itself from cyber threats. All the security tools in the world won’t prevent you from an attack if your employees are not trained for today’s sophisticated threats. Hackers have moved from attacking firewalls and more traditional security methods, to attacking people. Without the proper training to defend your organization, your employees are the weak link to a security breach.

At MedPower, we work to educate and train your employees to defend your organization from the growing number of threats and attacks that are now presenting themselves in your industry daily. MedPower's cyber security and privacy training course is designed to help protect an organization's critical systems and defend against cyber threats.


Industries Affected


23% Healthcare
18% Financial Serv.
16% Education

12% Retail
9% Restaurants
6% Government

6% Insurance
2% Prof. Services


Learn more about our award winning LMS and expert driven content.


#MeToo, the movement that has shined a spotlight on the dark side of the entertainment and media industries, is proving to also leave a black mark on the healthcare industry.

In 2017 Time Magazine named the women and men of the #MeToo movement as the Person of the Year, naming them the “Silence Breakers”. The cover included five women, several famous, whose voices launched the movement. Along with these five women was another woman’s arm, cropped at the shoulder, her identity hidden. We have since discovered this anonymous “Silence Breaker” is a young hospital worker from Texas. A sexual harassment victim who feared that disclosing her identity would negatively impact her family.

As many states are now encouraging businesses to conduct sexual harassment training, several states have begun passing laws requiring this training. MedPower understands the imminent need for this training across all states and has since, along with industry experts, created anti-harassment training modules that focus solely on the healthcare industry. While liability for organizations will always be a serious concern, MedPower’s training, in addition to covering all areas of compliance, also focuses on creating a positive workplace culture in all healthcare environments.


View sample lesson: Recognizing Sexual Harassment

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MedPower’s LMS is the most intuitive, simple yet powerful system on the market today.

At MedPower, our team can custom create a robust library of content adjusted to your organizations workflow. 

Use our award winning LMS to deliver your new, custom content to your organization, or MedPower can integrate your organization’s existing content into our LMS. Either way, your employees will have critical training delivered to them right when they need it.

Traditional classroom training is no longer an effective tool for your team’s growth. 93% of CEOs plan to increase or maintain their mobile training budget. That is a statistic you want to be part of.

“MedPower is a cutting edge, best in class LMS that will enable you to deliver training to your customers in the most user friendly and efficient way possible. The user interface is easy to navigate and the portal is very intuitive from an administrative standpoint. Our customers have had a great experience using the portal, and have given us very positive feedback on their learning experience. Additionally, the team at MedPower is extremely accessible and knowledgeable and you receive personal customer service and support. We highly recommend MedPower for your Learning Management System!”
— Becky Murphy, Change Healthcare