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Traditional classroom training cannot keep up

Americans check their phones collectively, over 8 billion times a day.

Microlearning reverses the “forgetting curve” to a “retentive curve” by offering small chunks of information created to focus on a specific area. These “snacks” of information create a sticky learning experience. Easy to process, easy to retain. Especially in today’s world where distractions are constantly knocking at our door. 


In 2000, the average attention span was 12 seconds, in 2013 this number dropped to 8 seconds. 

Attentions spans are drastically shrinking!

U.S. businesses spend over $160 billion each year on employee training. 80% of this training will be forgotten in 3 months. 90% will be forgotten in a year.


retention over time (percent)

Source: Hermann Ebbinghaus


Technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Because of this, a “digital skills gap” has emerged. This gap is very real and is costing the U.S. economy over 1.3 trillion dollars in lost productivity each year.

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The average time it takes to create 1 hour of classroom training is 43-185 hours.

During classroom training, the student’s peak energy level is during the first 8 minutes. After 20 minutes there is a noticeable drop. After 60-120 minutes, alertness completely collapses.

40% of executives say they do not have time to do the training they need.


MedPower is your solution.

MedPower will team up with your organization to deliver the most up to date, comprehensive training; packaged into concise and engaging content. Our trained team has studied what makes microlearning effective and we use this knowledge to build training programs that work. Our mobile technologies address issues such time management, learning retention, loss of productivity, cost of training and much more.

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Our strategy at MedPower is to set up your organization, deliver bite size content, resources and advanced analytics so you can track trainee progress, store certificates of completion and always have this information within a few clicks should you ever need it for compliance

Companies using eLearning to introduce and reinforce their training, see 26% higher revenue per employee. (Berlin & Associates)

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MedPower offers the most robust content available
on the market

Content designed by industry experts and
thought leaders

High level training at your fingertips with MedPower’s content, videos, resources and competencies

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Content that is relevant,
easy to understand
and easy to consume

Assess learners effortlessly by choosing assessments, questions, quizzes and more 

Available on phones,
tablets and desktops