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We bring traditional classroom training into the digital age

MedPower makes mobile training versatile, easy and efficient. We allow your
staff to learn critical training from anywhere, anytime...on any device.

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We start by developing custom training courses in a variety of mobile digital formats.

Trainees access coursework thorough mobile apps on their desk tops, tablets and phones.

Participant results are measured with advanced analytics and tracking tools.

Cyber Security Training

MedPower's cyber security and privacy training course is designed to help protect an organization's critical systems and defend against cyber threats. Learn more about our award winning LMS and expert driven content.

Hackers gain access to healthcare systems with the intentions of selling patient information on the dark web. They will attack any part of a healthcare’s infrastructure in order to reach the information that will make the most money.

Cyber security is being taken much more seriously now and healthcare organizations are making it a priority. It is a necessity.

The key to preventing hacking is a good response to attacks, you need to be able to detect attacks as fast as possible and respond. No organization is going to be perfect, so it's how you respond to a breach that really dictates how egregious the offense is going to be

Electronic Health Records

Continuing education has always been a hallmark of dedicated clinicians. Make Electronic Health Record (EHR) Training and Continuing Education easier than ever while increasing clinician adoption, satisfaction and productivity. 

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Training modules specific to your organizations workflow will speed up onboarding and decrease employee turnover, 25% of employees leave their job because there aren’t enough training or development opportunities. 

Practical, simple and convenient.

80% of what we learn in a traditional form of education is forgotten in 30 days, eLearning increases retention rates up to 60%. Every $1 spent in eLearning results in $30 of productivity (IBM).